Lumber-Related Products

We develop, produce, and sell a wide variety of products made from wood raw materials. We will contribute to creating a warm and affluent society.

Description of Business
  • Development, production, and sale of the medium-density fiberboard that we call Neo Board
  • Development, production, and sale of the low-pressure melamine facing plate Uniboard
  • Development, production, and sale of interior and exterior decoration materials using sliced veneer, which is thinly sliced natural wood
  • Development, production, repair, and sale of wood pallets

Neo Board

Neo Board is a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) made from needle leaf tree chips in Japan, loosening the chips into the fibrous form, adding an adhesive agent, and forming the chips into a board. Neo Board offers stable strength, physical property, homogeneity, and excellent secondary workability to make up for the shortcomings of lumber (solid wood) and has been adopted by many construction material manufacturers and furniture manufacturers because of its excellent quality. Lumber is an excellent sustainable ecological material but some parts are discarded in the processes of production and processing, such as lumber from thinning, timber offcuts, and forest offcuts. Because these parts are recycled into chips and Neo Board is made from such chips, lumber can be used with zero waste.
Production: N&E Co., ltd.


Uniboard is JIS certified (JIS A 5908) with particle board (a wooden board, which is made by mixing wood chips and an adhesive agent and hot press-molding them) as the core and decorative paper sheets impregnated with melamine resin attached to the front and reverse sides by thermal compression bonding. The material features strong resistance to scratches and dirt and is strong enough to be used for a long period of time. Variations of more than 40 colors ranging from a single color to wood grain are available, and because the processes from material procurement to production are all done domestically, we can respond to a small lot in a short delivery time compared to imported products. For the core, wood resources, such as house demolition materials and remaining materials from plywood/lumber mill, are effectively used for the material chips.
Production/sales: Daishowa Uniboard Co., ltd.

Interior and Exterior Decoration Materials Using Sliced Veneer

Fancy Roll is a tape that connects the veneer lengthwise using the method called finger joints. The product is, of course, made of genuine wood, and if you attach this tape to the surface, plywood and aluminum will quickly change into the appearance of pine or oak. It corresponds to more than 50 tree species. the material is used in many places, such as furniture and fittings, and creates a warm space. In addition, we provide a variety of products using sliced veneer, such as Fancy Wrapping, which is a wrapping using a veneer roll, Kaleido Wood, which is natural sliced veneer made from natural wood sliced by taking advantage of unique dyeing and layering techniques.
Production/sales: Nichimoku Fancy Materials Co., ltd.

Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are duckboard-like cargo pallets for loading goods and then used in transportation and storage. Goods can be loaded onto the pallet and transported by inserting the claws of the forklift into the spaces between the legs, which makes safe and efficient cargo handling possible. Because wood pallets have sufficient strength to be used for transporting heavy goods and the costs incurred in production and disposal are comparatively cheaper than pallets made of other materials, they are widely used in logistics. Even if a part of the pallet is damaged, it can be easily repaired and reused. Nichimoku Pallet Co., ltd., mainly uses domestic needle leaf tree as the material and mainly ships them to the Nippon Paper Group’s mills.
Production/repairing: Nichimoku Pallet Co., ltd. 
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