Forest Management Business

We practice sustainable forest management. We maximize the value of renewable forest resources.

Description of Business
  • We make plans for forests owned by Nippon Paper and plan execution management. (Forest management plans, cultivation, tree trimming, etc.)
  • We will work on new business by cooperating with local municipalities and those involved in the forestry industry.

Practice of Sustainable Forest Management

Nippon Paper is the second largest forest owner in Japan in the private sector. The company owns about 90,000 hectares (about 400 locations) in Japan, and all of those forests have acquired SGEC forest certification.
We accept the commission from Nippon Paper to manage all company-owned forests. We develop forest management plans and manage the cycle of forests through tree planting, cultivation (weeding, thinning, etc.), and harvesting (clear felling etc.) While bringing out the multifaceted functions of forests, including conservation of biodiversity and water source cultivation, our goal is to achieve sustainable forest management.

Nippon Paper Lumber Group’s Role

Among the forests owned by Nippon Paper, Nichimoku Rinsan Hokkaido Co., ltd. , manages forests in Hokkaido, which accounts for a large area, and Nanei Co., ltd. , manages the forests in Kyushu as group companies.
These companies have roots in the local community and have become leaders in the forestry industry in their local communities for many years. They have continued to take on the challenges facing the next-generation forestry industry, such as the introduction of high-performance forestry harvesters and remote sensing using drones.

Sustainability in Wider Areas

We practice sustainable and sound forest management with a focus on forests owned by Nippon Paper. We take advantage of our experience and the techniques cultivated in forest management to provide consultations on forest management for the government, forest owners, and forestry organizations. This attempt has just begun, and by taking advantage of our expertise in both management and preservation, we would like to contribute to the future of the local communities by improving forestry productivity, the cycle of forests, and lumber use in the local communities.

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