Nippon Paper Lumber Environmental Action Plan

 Basic PolicyAction Plan
1Countermeasures against global warming Save energy by thoroughly managing room temperature
(Target at 27 degrees C in summer and 22 degrees C in winter and Implement Cool Biz/Warm Biz)
Reduce electricity use (replace with energy saving devices and power saving).
Promote eco-driving (fuel management and fuel usage management).
Promote the efficiency of deliveries.
2Protection and growth of forest resources Promote tree thinning and cultivation of the Nippon Paper Group-owned forests.
Maintain and continue certification for the legal lumber supplier company.
FMaintain and continue the CoC certificate (distribution), such as the FSC®, SGEC, and PEFC.
(license number: FFSC-C108175,SGEC/31-31-1027,PEFC/31-31-1027)
Improve traceability of domestic chips and promote sustainable forest resource procurement.
3Recycling of resources Promote the expansion of biomass fuel handling volume.
Promote the expansion of wastepaper handling volume.
Promote the collection of wastepaper in offices.
Promote the reuse of barks.
Promote the use of recycled pallets.
4Compliance with the environmental laws and regulations and reduction of environmental load Promote green purchasing of office supplies, etc.
5Development of technologies and products that give consideration to the environment Promote the use of cellulose fiber heat insulation materials.
6Active environmental communication Actively communicate environmental issues in local communities through dialogs with residents and the government.
Actively participate in and support environmental protection activities.
7Initiatives for biodiversity Promote initiatives for biodiversity in accordance with the Nippon Paper Group Biodiversity Basic Policy.
Click here for the Nippon Paper Group Environmental Charter
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