Initiatives for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Company has practiced sustained and sound forest management for many years and made efforts to conduct fair commercial transactions in the wood market by handling wood that has been lawfully harvested and produced from forests that have been appropriately managed both inside and outside Japan, as well as by handling products made from such wood. Through such work, we are taking on global-scale tasks for the prevention of global warming, preservation of the natural environment, and prevention of resource depletion.

Transactions of Legally Harvested Wood

The Clean Wood Act

Act on Promotion of Use and Distribution of Legally-harvested Wood and Wood Products (commonly known as the “Clean Wood Act”)
For the purpose of promoting the distribution and use of wood and wood products for which the materials are trees that have been harvested in conformance with the laws and ordinances of Japan and the countries of origin, the Clean Wood Act stipulates the subject wood, the scope of wood-related business entities, and registration systems, and stipulates matters concerning measures that should be taken by wood-related business entities and the national government.
Registration numbersType-1 Wood-Related Business Entity JPIC-CLW-Ⅰ-No.54
Type-2 Wood-Related Business Entity JPIC-CLW-Ⅱ-No.54
  • ※Type-1 Wood-Related Business Entity: Business of processing, selling, or exporting logs received from owners of trees, and business of importing wood
  • ※Type-2 Wood-Related Business Entity: Business other than a Type-1 Wood-Related Business Entity, such as distribution business, manufacturing business, and construction business that handle wood fall under this.

Certification by Third-Party Organizations

SGEC / PEFC certification (SGEC/PEFC license number:SGEC/31-31-1027, PEFC/31-31-1027)

SGEC (Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council)
PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
SGEC forest certification is a certification system that Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC) manages, and the aim is to materialize sustainable forest management in Japan. It also conducts mutual approval with PEFC and it is participating in the network of the PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, which aims to materialize sustainable forest management from an international position. This certification consists of FM (Forest Management, forest management certification), which certifies the fact that a forest is being sustainably managed and which is for parties related to forestry, and CoC (Chain of Custody, product certification), which traces certification for raw materials in the entire process until products reach consumers, indicates the fact that products that have been certified have come from a certified forest and is for processors or distributors. The Company has obtained CoC.
CoC certification numberJAFTA-SGEC-COC-001

FSC®certification (FSC license number: FSC-C108175)

FSC(Forest Stewardship Council®
FSC is an independent nonprofit organization that aims to spread responsible forest management throughout the world, and it is operating an international forest certification system. FSC certification has gathered support from many consumers, environmental organizations, and companies, and it is internationally known as a highly credible forest certification system. In the same way as SGEC/PEFC,FSC certification has the two types: FM and CoC. The Company has obtained CoC.
CoC certification numbersSGSHK-COC-010166

GGL certification

GGL(Green Gold Label)
GGL is a certification for the purpose of providing a guarantee that procured biomass products were produced by a sustainable method.
It covers everything from biomass energy’s manufacturing, processing, and transport to final use, and it guarantees tracing.
The Company has obtained CoC for PKS (palm kernel shells).
CoC certification numberC880135GGL01-02.2021

【Examples of utilization of wood from certified forests】

Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre (Shizuoka Prefecture, 2017)
SGEC certified materials (Japanese cypress) that were supplied from Kitayama forest owned by Nippon Paper are used in the wooden lattice of the exhibition hall. (SGEC/PEFC CoC Project Certification No. 1)
Photograph provision: Taisei Corporation Photograph provision: Taisei Corporation Japan National Stadium (Tokyo, 2019)
SGEC certified materials (Japanese larch and Japanese cedar) that were supplied from forests owned by Nippon Paper (Iwate, Shimane, Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Kumamoto, and Kagoshima) are used in the main roof (lattice materials and lower chord materials) and a portion of the eaves.
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