Social Media Policy

The stance and behavior that should be obeyed for operation of the social media official accounts of Nippon Paper Lumber Co., ltd., (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) are stipulated as stated below.
※Social media official accounts are the social media accounts that the company has approved.

1.Fundamental policy
When utilizing social media, the Company’s employees will understand the laws, ordinances, Nippon Paper Group’s Corporate Code of Conduct, and internal regulations and behave with common sense, and the stance and behavior that should be followed will be as stated below.
2.Understanding the characteristics of media
Transmission of information to social media will be based on the understanding that the information that has been transmitted to the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified large number of users, that it is not possible to completely delete information once it has been transmitted, and that transmission conducted by an individual may become the evaluation of the Company.
3.Having awareness about and responsibility for information transmission
Behavior will be conducted by taking the stance of listening attentively to other people’s comments, by always being aware of the fact that each individual employee’s information transmission and handling have a considerable influence on society, and by taking responsibility.
4.Compliance with various laws and ordinances
Various laws and ordinances and internal regulations will be obeyed, meticulous care will be taken so that third parties’ rights, in particular copyrights, will not be infringed, and social media will be used by taking responsibility for one’s personal behavior as a member of society with common sense.
5.Message to people who use social media
Information that the Company’s employees who operate official accounts transmit on social media is not necessarily something that represents the Company’s official announcements and opinions. Transmission of official announcements and opinions is conducted through the Company’s website and news releases.
  • ※Matters that are not stipulated in this policy will be based on the Terms of Use on the Company’s official website.
  • ※For information about personal information protection, please refer to the Fundamental Policy Concerning Personal Information Protection on the Company’s official website.

Established on August 1, 2017

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