Fuel Business

Contribution to a decarbonized society and a sustainable society through the use of clean energy

Description of Business
  • We collect fuel originating biological resources (= biomass), such as wood chips, PKS (palm kernel shells), wood pellets, at home and abroad for supply to biomass power plants.
  • We collect recycled fuel, such as chips originating as waste materials, RPF (recycle plastic fuel) of which waste plastic is the raw material, and waste tires in and outside Japan for supply to power plants.

Fuel Originating from Waste

We supply the construction waste material chips generated from tearing down houses, the refuse-derived paper and plastic densified fuel (RPF) from waste plastic and the fibers generated from industrial activities, and tire chips produced from waste tires as biomass fuel for the Nippon Paper Group’s power plants. We will respond to the shift to the required recycling-oriented society and the reduction in CO2 emissions through such measures as useful waste recycling promotion, which can produce alternative fuels to coal.

Photos above:
① Tire chips (Waste tires) ② PKS (Palm kernel shells) 
③ Black pellets (Charred wood pellets) 
④ Wood pellets ⑤ Construction waste material chips ⑥ RPF

Use of Timber Offcuts in Mountain Forests in Japan

There are many materials in the mountains in Japan that are not effectively used but are left behind. While maximally taking advantage of the expertise in papermaking chips that Nippon Paper Lumber has cultivated and by cascading not only the materials for lumber sawing and pulp but also the materials left in the mountains, we make maximum use of them as fuel for power generation. This is one of the major initiatives toward the realization of a sustainable society that will contribute to the entire forestry industry in Japan.

Cascading…To use lumber in multiple stages.
The term refers to first using the wood as building materials, then using it for plywood, paper, and as fuel in the final stage.

Global Fuel Procurement and Development of New Fuel

We procure fuel from a wide range of places, not only in Japan but also from overseas. For example, we procure wood pellets and wood chips from Vietnam and Thailand and palm kernel shells (PKS), as agriculture residue of a palm, from Indonesia and Malaysia, which we then supply to power plants in Japan. In addition, we have built networks to procure biomass and recycled fuels from around the world. Our efforts will be put into developing new fuel for the realization of a decarbonized society and as our further contribution to a sustainable society.

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