Residential Insulation Materials

Heat insulation materials originating from natural wood fibers that satisfied both the requirements of superior performance and environmental load reduction.

Description of Business
  • We produce and sell residential insulation materials (cellulose fiber) from old newspapers as the main raw material.
  • Our product’s name: Super Jet Fiber

Superior Performance and Safety of Wood Fibers

Heat Insulating Properties and Sound Absorbability
The heat insulation materials that contain more fixed air are good. Super Jet Fiber holds air through the entanglement of natural fibers in various thicknesses, and each fiber has many air cells. These double air layers have double effects that produce superior heat insulating properties and sound absorbability
Flame Resistance
Super Jet Fiber is flameproof because we made it thoroughly flame-resistant, and even if exposed to flames at 1000 degrees C, the surface will just carbonize. If by chance a fire were to occur, it has the effect of delaying the spread of the fire and will not produce harmful gases.
It has been confirmed that formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are the cause of sick building syndrome, are not used in Super Jet Fiber. The material acquired the highest JIS standard F☆☆☆☆ (F Four Stars), meaning the level of unlimited use at the time of construction in accordance with the Building Standards Act.
Absorption and Desorption of Moisture
Super Jet Fiber has moisture absorption and desorption properties unique to wood fibers that change with the temperature and humidity of the surrounding area. The material slowly moves moisture to the area of low temperature and humidity and produces the effect of preventing condensation.

Environmentally Friendly Recycle Material

Super Jet Fiber is a product recycled from unsold old newspapers as the main raw material. We effectively use limited resources and contribute to energy-saving houses. Because water and heat are not used in its production, the energy used is about 1/7 compared to general glass fiber insulation material. The material is environmentally friendly insulation that can provide recycled resources in an energy-saving manner while providing superior performance as an insulation material.

The Method that Fully Produces Super Jet Fiber’s Performance

Among the insulation materials, there are many types of mats; however, heat escapes from the gaps in the seams of the mats, which is a weakness of not being able to fully provide the insulation effect. Super Jet Fiber adopted the blowing method using a specialized machine, and professional contractors that we certified will responsibly carry out all construction work. Because it adheres tightly to the ceiling and walls without gaps, heat loss is minimized, and the material will fully provide the effect of insulation.

Super Jet Fiber
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